3 Reasons to Use a High Quality Chef Knife

 January 17, 2016
Posted by Chris Rieke

3reasons to buy a high quality chefs knife

3 Reasons to Use a High Quality Chef’s Knife

We’ve all been there:

Trying to use a super-dull knife you even wonder if its made out of metal. You step into a friends kitchen (let’s face it, maybe even your own) and try to chop the unchoppable. Something like raw chicken, or even a garlic clove, and you feel like your arm will fall off from the sawing motion. Eventually you end up just putting all of your weight on the the knife to drive it down with gravity’s help to induce some damage. Dangerous, just dangerous.

You look at the knife and the only sign it ever had a name is the faded black etches on the blade and an itchy, black plastic handle that looks like sandpaper gone through tar. So why do people splurge for the Chef’s Knife that has a recognizable brand name with a reputation?

1. You want something you can trust.

We are taking about our hands here, the things you probably use everyday. And if you don’t, I want to hear from you… But that forced motion of putting your weight on a knife is asking for trouble. It just takes one slip of the knife to cause some damage. Ironically, sharp is actually safe, as long as you know the basics of using a knife. The opposite of this example is a kid running with scissors. You get the idea.

I’m not talking about the aficionados who purchase the custom made $3000 knives from Seki either, whom I personally enjoy. But maybe you should walk into your local knife shop and pick up a Chroma 301 or Shun knife and it may change your life. Better yet, check out the Chroma 301 Chef’s Knife for $143.95 here. Same price as Amazon and free shipping. It’s amazing, its what I use.

2. They Last.

If you are the home cook, cooking 2-5 times a week and not cutting through chicken bones or coconuts, then these knives stay sharp. These knives (most of them) will hold a sharp edge that requires little more than a few swipes across a sharpening steel to get that quick edge again. To be clear, there is merit and importance to using a whetstone with certain knives, especially Japanese blades.

You could buy a knife that will last a lifetime if you take care of it, i.e. don’t put it in the dishwasher and keep it clean and dry. An exception, which is actually kind of awesome is with some of the wooden handles of Japanese knives, which will actually form your hand’s grip in them.

If you invest in a nice knife, do your research and buy confidently, as most knives are worth the money. I wouldn’t recommend a person coming from buying their knives at TJ Maxx to go buy a knife worth over $1000, BUT they are baller and they should show that shit off.

Research, find which style of knife is best acclimated for you taste, and buy confidently. There is something so spectacular about a great Chef’s Knife. It’s the modern day samurai sword.

3. They are badass.

That’s right, and it’s just that simple. Ask anyone in a kitchen, some cook walks in with a brand new knife just purchased, what happens? Everyone wants to check it out and ask you about it. They may scoff at how much you paid for it, and most assuredly will behind your back, but everyone wants to touch it. It’s your grown-up toy, and its a lot less expensive than leasing a car. What cook doesn’t want to a knife that melts through anything like its butter. Its a great feeling and the reason people become collectors.



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