Chroma Type 301 Knives used in some of the TOP 5 restaurants in the world

 March 3, 2016
Posted by Chris Rieke
Chroma Type 301 Knives used in some of the top 5 ranked restaurants in the world.

No! I don’t believe it… We’ve known for years that the Chroma Type 301 line designed by F.A. Porsche were some of the best knives in the world, and we’ve known they were used by some stellar chefs.

But you are telling me they are used at some of THE best restaurants in the world? Yes, they absolutely are, and the proof is in the pudding, as they say. Take a look at Signore Massimo Bottura from Modena, Italy with his Sous chef posing with the knives. Currently Osteria Francescana is the number 2 restaurant in the world. The freaking whole world!!

AND… If that wasn’t enough pudding. Check out this pic of Chef Ashley Palmer-Watts and his Sous chef wielding the knives. Their restaurant Dinner by Heston Blumenthal was ranked number 5 in the world, and here they are with their Chroma Type 301 knives.

If you want to feel the excitement of these amazing knives check out the 3 Piece Chroma Type 301 Set. They are fantastic. And did you hear? They are used at some of the best places in the world…

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