I’ve been an executive chef for years, I get asked all the time if I like cooking at home. The answer…

 January 4, 2016
Posted by Chris Rieke


I still love to cook at home, but… I usually cook things that are healthy, like cooking a protein with rice and steamed rice. Or steamed wontons are one of my all-time favorites (just made sesame pork and kale filled :))

The reason I do this is because in the professional kitchen, almost everything is layered with butter, or cream, or fried. And lord knows when you are a busy chef in a busy restaurant, you eat your fair share of leftover fries or chips.

So my wife and me enjoy salads with quick apple cider vinegar-basil vinaigrette and grilled, chipotle marinated chicken thighs.

Here is a picture of some pistachio-encrusted Scottish Salmon with garlic-mashed yukons, roasted brussel sprouts and a cherry-balsamic reduction.


What do you other chefs and cooks cook at home?

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