Knife Hack 1

 December 19, 2015
Posted by Chris Rieke

Knife Hack: How to keep your knives in their peek condition, using this one simple trick:

This trick is so simple, and only takes a moment to do. Clean your chef knife immediately after use.

Not only does this keep your knife from rusting, dulling, and away from unsightly spots, but it will improve the longevity of your knife. Either for personal use or commercial.

I’ve noticed in our own kitchens (my own included), it is all to easy to cut a pizza and leave the knife to sit out on the cutting board. Leaving the knife to turn that gooey, soft cheese to something that resembles rock candy. And it takes FOREVER to scrub off.

So, next time, just run your knife under hot water and wipe that blade clean. And never, never, I repeat NEVER put a nice chef knife in the dishwasher!



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